Diamond Gamer Review

Diamond Gamer Review written by Eric Bator
Website Reviewed: http://sc2addon.bwana.tv/

Diamond Gamer ReviewOk, I have to say that this Diamond Gamer Review really has nothing but good things to say. This isn’t a guide – it actually works within the game so you don’t have to keep clicking back and forth (or alt-tabbing) to see what the guide says. It gives you advice WHILE PLAYING! It’s funny, because I find myself using this software more and more just because it’s so simple and convenient to use. I’ve basically stopped looking at any other guides I’ve purchased.

Diamond Gamer Review – Introduction

This Diamond Gamer Review has done as much research as possible on the Diamond Gamer, but the Addon is brand new. I’ve just had the chance to start testing it and playing around with it, and have used it exclusively for the past three and a half weeks (playing a minimum 10-20 hours a week of SC2). So far, I really like it – I thought it may interfere with gameplay, but it doesn’t at all. It’s a little clickable box that is hardly noticable but is always there while playing Starcraft 2 – when you do click on it, it expands and begins to give you advice on your gameplay. I especially like that you can control it’s transparency, so that you can read it while still viewing the whole Starcraft screen. The Diamond Gamer Starcraft 2 In Game Addon looks amazing.

Click HERE for the Diamond Gamer In Game Addon

As for the tips, tricks, and advice it offers – so far it’s been helpful and definitely saved my ass a couple of times.

Diamond Gamer Review – Features

The Diamond Gamer Starcraft 2 In Game Addon provides the following:
* It’s the first Starcraft 2 In Game Addon help system – no alt tabbing, no memorizing plays or build orders beforehand, and no need to remember anything
* Dozens of videos describing game winning strategies for both the Single Player campaign and multiplayer for all three races
* Videos are watchable in game, while playing Starcraft 2!
* Perfect Build Orders for all races – because this is in game, it really blows away the competition
* Early Game Grid and Counter Them Grid that shows tons of openers for every conceivable game match-up for all races and how to counter enemy attacks
* Comprehensive dynamic system that instructs you on how to defeat any and every opposing army
* Completely legal and fair gameplay. This addon doesn’t alter or interact with Starcraft 2 in any way.
* Updated regularly with all new tactics and information
* 60 Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied

The area I was most impressed with (besides of course that the whole thing works perfectly from within the game) was the build orders. Since the system works in game, you never have to remember build orders and always end up with a really perfect build, which is a key part of a successful Diamond player strategy – it makes you very hard if not impossible to defeat.

Diamond Gamer Review – Conclusion

Overall, I highly recommend the Diamond Gamer Starcraft 2 In Game Addon. It is truly a game changer when it comes to Starcraft 2 guides. I hope you enjoyed this Diamond Gamer Review – I know I certainly enjoyed using it!

Click HERE for the Diamond Gamer In Game Addon