Joana’s Starcraft 2 Guide Review

Joana’s Starcraft 2 Guide Review written by Eric Bator
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Joana has been playing Starcraft 2 beta since late February, and is currently one of the top players in the Diamond League. Joana’s Starcraft 2 guide claims to be able to get any player to get into the Diamond League and start dominating. From what I’ve seen so far, his claim is right on the mark.

I don’t know if you guys have played World of Warcraft, but if so Joana’s WoW guide was one of the best selling (and rightfully so). He is a dedicated gamer and the Joana Starcraft 2 guide is just as impressive and helpful if not more so.

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I checked out his guide and have spent the past several weeks incorporating it into my gameplay, and I can say for certain that my gameplay has improved significantly based solely on the instruction and advice I got from Joana’s Starcraft 2 guide.

The guide is well organized, and has some really good suggestions for how to improve gameplay that will work for beginners and advanced players. His build orders for each of the races is top notch and really smart. He tells you which units work best together and which ones work best against a particular opponent and strategy. I was also impressed with his techniques for micro and macro strategies for improving game play.

Joana’s Starcraft 2 Guide includes the following:
* Single player campaign guide that includes videos demostrating all missions completed (including bonus objectives) and achievements awarded on Brutal difficulty in the fastest possible times
* Excellent beginner’s guide that drastically reduces your learning time
* Comprehensive strategies for all races for all types of games, including 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, and FFA strategies
* In-depth build orders for each race, and how to counter opponent build order strategy
* Complete videos for single and multiplayer games, with full commentary from Joana himself
* Overview of every unit in the game, including best uses, best combination of units, and when to use each unit
* Best rushes and cheese attacks for a quick win, as well as how to defend against opponent cheese attacks
* 100% Legal and hack-free techniques
* Free updates
* No monthly fees and complete access to the member’s area, including additional free content continually added
* 60 day money back guarantee
and much more…

The list above just touches upon what Joana’s Starcraft 2 Guide provides. There is so much more and it’s so well put together that you’ll be on your way to the top of the Diamond League in no time. I was really impressed with this guide – as I mentioned above, I noticed my gameplay improve tremendously after using some of his techniques. I highly recommend Joana’s Starcraft 2 guide.

Click HERE for Joana’s Starcraft 2 Guide