Protoss Build Order

The Protoss race is terrific if you are great at micro managing your units and careful to pull them out of a battle before they die, and most Protoss build order will reflect this. The race relies on psy energy and technology and has some unique abilities that must be taken advantage of to have a winning Protoss strategy. Their chrono boost ability and the fact that one probe can create multiple buildings at once are the keys to a successful Protoss strategy.

While there is no specific Protoss build order that works against every opponent in every set of circumstances, there are definitely some tried and proven strategies that will help you get out of the gate fast and defeat most players. It’s important to make sure to scout your enemies (check out the Protoss Scouting Guide here) so you can adapt your build based on your opponent’s strategies. Generally when the battle starts, you want to make sure that you use probes to mine and build. It’s important to take advantage of their Chrono boost ability, which will increase the speed of production by 50% for 20 seconds.

You also generally want your important structures to be powered by more than one pylon so that if one is shot down you still have power.

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Protoss Build Order – Initial Build

A winning set of Protoss Build orders will generally start with building 6 Probes and having them immediately collect minerals. Continue building Probes until you have 9, and then use the 9th one to build a Pylon.

Once you have 13 Probes, build a Gateway and an Extractor. When you get to 16 Probes, start producing additional Pylons as well as some Zealots. The Probe you use to build your first Pylon can then scout.

The foundation of successful Protoss build orders are Probes, so don’t stop building them and don’t forget to use their Chrono boost ability. At this point, Protoss build orders generally split into two builds:

Protoss Build Order – Cybernetics Core (great vs. Terran attacker)

After 16-17 Probes, start building a Cybernetics Core so you can produce Stalkers. Then build one additional Extractor and Gateway to form a perfect set of initial Protoss build orders. This is great against a Terran opponent, since it allows you to use your Stalker to defend against the Reaper rush Terran attack.

Protoss Build Order – Second Gateway (good against Zerg or Protoss, especially cheese attacks)

Build a second Gateway when you have around 14 supplies, which will give you access to more Zealots. This prevents your opponent from overwhelming you early with Zealots or Zerglings.

Protoss Build Order – Zealot Rush (effective against Zerg)

This Protoss build order is especially effective against Zerg players. Start with the 9 Pylon then 12-13 Gateway build while scouting. If you see the Zerg teching up, then try to expand early. But if not, build another Gateway at 14, a Zealot at 14, and Probe at 16. Then start building Zealots as fast as possible. Make sure to use Chrono Boost to produce as tons of Zealots. You need a minimum of 6-8 Zealots to make this attack effective – don’t attempt it with less.

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