Protoss Guide

This Protoss Guide will give you a breakdown of the Protoss, starting with an introduction, some helpful advice, and the best way to think about and handle playing with this race. To play Protoss, you need to be very active and keep a close eye on everything, particularly your battles. For this reason, your Protoss micro play is a particularly important skill. After reviewing the Protoss Guide, be sure to take a look at the additional links below for more cutting edge Protoss strategies:

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  • Protoss Scouting Guide – The player who has the edge scouting usually ends up emerging victorious. Never underestimate the importance of scouting!

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Protoss Guide – Energy

The Nexus serves as the anchor for the Protoss colony. All Probes are produced there and all collected resources are deposited there. The Nexus provides a link to Aiur, which is where all Protoss buildings and to some extent their troops generate their energy from. The Protoss need to develop Pylons to actually tap into the power needed by buildings and warp gates. When a building cannot access Psionic energy, it will be shut down until it has access to energy again. When setting up your colony, make sure to always power every building with at least two Pylons, preferably ones that are not very close to each other. Since you’ll probably have Pylons spread out around the map, make sure to pair them with a Photon Cannon. These can defend your Pylons and also act like an early warning device.

Protoss Guide – Shields

Another benefit all Protoss units and buildings have is their energy shield. These shields can stop all types of attacks and can regenerate over time. Before a Protoss unit is damaged, their shield must be depleted. A weakness of the Protoss is that while their shields regenerate slowly, health cannot be regenerated. Use of a Shield Battery will allow you to recharge your units quickly. Research the Plasma Shield upgrade as soon as possible so you can increase the lifespan of all of your units. If you’re playing against Terran and spot a Science Vessel, destroy it immediately! These units can shoot an EMP missile that will reduce the shields and energy of any unit caught in the blast to 0.

Protoss Guide – Resources

Protoss have an easier time resource gathering than any other race. Since Protoss buildings are manufactured on Aiur and then warped in once they are ready, setting up their base takes very little time once the Psionic Matrix is created. Once your Probe has set the warp anchor for a building, it can move to the next task. This also allows the Protoss to max out their mining capacity, since the Probes are needed so briefly for building construction. At the start of the game, scout the surrounding area for resources as soon as possible. This is fairly easy because your Zealots are one of the strongest starting units in the game. Make sure to protect your mining Probes at all times. Photon Cannons are great for this for several reasons:

  • They can defend against land and air attacks
  • They won’t harm your Probes
  • They can be produced early in the game.

Protoss Guide – Air Power

Protoss ships take a long time to create, but they have awesome firepower. A lot of Protoss players either make the mistake of not using the ships, because they are so expensive to produce, or not protecting them adequately. If you are going to make use of Protoss air power, make sure to upgrade their speed and ensure that they have adequate support, such as nearby Shield Batteries in case they get into trouble.

Towards the end of the game you may reach your unit maxium. At this point in the game, you’ll definitely have a bunch of Probes that were resource gathering until the mine ran out of minerals or gas. Gather up all the useless Probes and send them on attack – when your opponent attacks them this will create a diversion, and it will also open up space for you to produce additional units. Check out Protoss Strategies for even more info on cutting edge Starcraft 2 Protoss tactics.

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