Protoss Macro Strategy

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Great Protoss macro strategy must include several things that a lot of players overlook. For example, it’s really important to make constant Probes until you can get to the 24/base quota, which a lot of players don’t do. It’s also very important to use your Protoss scouting to keep abreast of enemy strategies in order to adapt your macro as the game progresses. The other key is to take advantage of the major benefits Protoss have early in the game, instead of dwelling on their difficulty with early expansion due to slow, expensive units. Check out the Protoss Guide and Protoss Strategy pages for additional helpful info.

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Protoss Macro Strategy – Fast Buildings and Resource Gathering

Without a doubt one of the best benefits of being a Protoss is that your units do not actually have to build any buildings. Since your buildings are actually manufactured in your home world of Aiur and warped in, your Probes only need to set the warp anchor for the building and make sure the location is close enough to a Pylon. So take advantage of this by making sure your Probes are always resource gathering. You only need one or at most two Probes creating structures – just make sure there are enough resources and Pylon space. The rest should be mining resources.

Protoss Macro Strategy – Chrono Boost

Chrono Boost is located at the Nexus and can be activated using 25 energy. It increases the production or research speed at a specific building of your choice for 20 seconds. This works on either unit production buildings or research buildings. Chrono Boost can also reduces the cooldown time on Warpgates it is cast on. A lot of players overlook the Protoss Chrono Boost ability. While it is especially powerful at the start of the game, since it’s the only macro mechanic that is available at the start for any race. Terrans need to upgrade their Command Center to Orbital Command to produce Mules and Zergs require a Queen. Chrono Boost early game can help you make your initial Probes much faster (see Protoss Macro Strategy “Probe Control” below), and can also help you create a fast army full of Zealots for an early game rush attack. Combining the immediate ability to use Chrono Boost to produce initial Probes with the fact that their Probes do not actually need to spend any time building structures gives the Protoss an immediate and significant advantage in resource gathering and in building their colony when starting out.

Protoss Macro Strategy – Walling In

While walling in your base is usually done by Terrans with their Supply Depot, Protoss can also effectively wall in. Make sure to seal your entire ramp except for one grid space that allows for units getting through. Park a Zealot in the hole. This will ensure that enemy units will have to attack your Zealot one at a time instead of all at once, and is really effective in preventing scouting units and early rush attacks.

Protoss Macro Strategy – Probe Control

A great and simple keyboard technique diamond players use is to box a few probes, deselect until you have 3, click on the gas, and immediately click on “C”. “C” will tell your Probes to return their current cargo to the Nexus before going to get gas. You can also just select 3 Probes using shift-click to ensure that you choose the Probes closest to the gas and that aren’t just about to get minerals. With good use of the Protoss macro ability Chrono Boost (above), you’ll be able to get 20 Probes in about half the time (around 2:15 – 2:30) your Terran enemy will take (Terran’s won’t have 20 SCVs until around 4:10).

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