Protoss Micro Strategy

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Protoss Micro Strategy – Overview
Protoss units consist of two types – biological and robotic units. Protoss units are usually pretty tough and are protected by a shield that will regenerate over time. Protoss units will not lose hit points until their shield points are gone, but once they lose hit points, they can’t recover them, even though the shields regenerate and the use of a Shield Battery can quickly regenerate a unit’s shields at an energy cost.

If you select Protoss as your race, then you win or lost the game depending on your Protoss micro strategy. Since Protoss units tend to have longer production times and are more expensive then Zerg or Terran units, it’s important you Protoss micro really well and withdraw frontline units before they are killed or their shields are gone.

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Protoss Micro Strategy – Separate Attack Groups

It’s important to separate your units into separate groups as a Protoss. Group all melee units together, range units together, and air units together. That way you can select and move your melee units together while keeping your ranged units behind them – far enough away to avoid damage while close enough to inflict range damage on your enemy.

Protoss Micro Strategy – Zealot Bombs (great vs. Terran)

This is a sneaky way to destroy Terran Siege Tanks with their own spash damage. Take some Zealots in a shuttle and fly over Terran tanks. Try to go to a tank that is relatively alone, but within firing distance of other tanks. Drop the Zealot on the tank. All the other tanks will fire at the Zealot, and the splash damage will kill the Terran’s own tank. Early game, you can use Probes instead of Zealots, but the Probes won’t drag mines as well as Zealots can.

Protoss Micro Strategy – Stalkers with Blink

If you have Stalkers with the Blink upgrade, then they have an amazing amount of micro skills that you should be using. First, these Stalkers will have a longer range which makes them great to harass and scout. Blinking away from a battle will allow your Stalkers to run away, possibly returning with the rest of the army. During a battle, you should always make sure to Blink individual Stalkers that get low on health to the back of the group so they can heal, while you send fresh Stalkers to the front.

Protoss Micro Strategy – Storm Drop

The Storm Drop Protoss micro technique involves using your High Templar’s Psionic Storm spell and your Shuttle’s ability to move units around. When raiding a mineral line, land your High Templar unit close to the enemy’s mineral line, cast Psionic Storm, and then bring the Shuttle and High Templar back safely. When dropping several High Templar units from the Shuttle, Magic Boxes can be used extremely effectively in order to cover the entire mineral line with Psionic Storms.

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