Protoss Strategy

Game winning Protoss strategy must take into account that Protoss units in Starcraft 2 are the most technologically advanced units in the game. They also have psionic powers, which makes their individual units extremely tough to beat one on one. Unfortunately, when considering Protoss build order strategy, you must take into account that they generally also take the longest to create each unit, especially at the start of each battle, therefore they seldom have the resources to fight an evenly matched one on one battle. Protoss ships are generally overlooked, but are also a great strength – they have enormous firepower and are among the toughest ships in the game.

Game winning Protoss strategy can be challenging to master in multiplayer mode, particularly because of the slow build times on their initial units. If you don’t have a strategy from the start, you are sure to lose as you quickly get overwhelmed by the races that are faster out of the gate. For an amazing guide on everything you need to dominate Starcraft 2, take a look at this guide below:

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Protoss Strategy against Terran

When attempting to rush the Terran, it is really important for you to use Protoss scouting techniques to get some Probe units into their base and figure out where they are and what their strategy is. A good Terran strategy will make this impossible later in the game, so its crucial to do it early, before the Terran opponent walls himself in. Once inside and scouting, build a double gate proxy close to their choke point, which will provide you with much greater access. If the Terran player doesn’t wall himself in, you should be able to attack with Zealots and really wreck havoc on workers – you can do this even if he has walled in, but will need a stronger army of Zealots.

At the same time, when battling against Terrans, its a really bad idea to drag the game out – a good Terran player can mix up a surprising assortment of units at even just one base. You want to end the game before the Terran gets momentum – bust and go for the kill early. Another great Protoss strategy against Terrans is to build up a lot of Immortals – they are fantastic against Siege Tanks. If the Terran opponent is massing up Marines and Marauders (discussed in my Terran Multiplayer Strategy Guide), make sure to build Colossi. Colossi do massive damage against massed organic units like Marines and Marauders. Also, don’t underestimate how powerful a Void Ray is – its one of the best units in the game.

Protoss Strategy – Probes Probes and more Probes

This strategy takes advantage of the Probe. The Protoss have the best race for harassing and scouting. After dropping your first Pylon, send out one or two Probes to scout the enemy, particularly if he is Terran. Make sure to have your Probes attack the SCV that is building their Barrack – this will slow down your Terran enemy significantly.

Protoss Strategy – Stalker Early

Terrans love to secure their fort and wall in early in the game. If you can get a couple of Stalkers to attack hard and attack early, then you can delay their technology tree buildup. Kill off any repair workers as they spawn. Generally this is a good early strategy that won’t kill your opponent, but put them in a weak position early in the game.

Protoss Strategy against Zerg

Against a Zerg opponent, Protoss generally can’t match the quantity of units a Zerg army can throw at you, so its important to really make sure you get the best use from each of your units. To do this you must take advantage of your superior technology by making the right decisions about your Protoss build order strategy and unit selection through each phase of the battle. Make sure to take out damaged Protoss units before they die to give them a chance to recover – its imperative you don’t lose units early that you could save with a little active Protoss micro strategy.

Once Zerg have initiated an early attack, a great Protoss strategy is to generate an air rush because the Zerg Lair will take a long time to complete. A truly effective way to cripple the Zerg early is to build up a lot of Zealots that you can then use to attack a Zerg base, making sure to watch out for Spine Crawlers. Colossi are also great against most Zerg ground troups, especially if they are massed together and a lot of units (typical Zerg strategy).

Protoss Strategy – Choke Rush

As always with the Protoss, you must start by getting some probe units to scout the enemy. The key to survival and success is knowing what your opponent is doing and reacting before they get the upper hand. Build a Pylon at 7 PSI near the Zerg chokepoint, and then build a Forge that cuts them off so you can keep building more Probes and Pylons at your home base. Afterwards, build Zealots as quickly as possible and once you’ve accumulated 3-5 Zealots, start taking out their drones and getting them away from their minerals.

Protoss Strategy – High Templar

Keeping a few High Templar and some Photon Cannons and Dragoons near the base is a great defensive strategy. The High Templar attacking a tightly packed crowd of enemy units can be devastating to the attacker.

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