Star2Pros Guide Review

Star2Pros Guide Review written by Eric Bator
Guide Reviewed: Star2Pros Guide for Starcraft 2

The Star2Pros guide is definitely one of the more popular guides out there. It was created by Wesley Graber, who is an experienced Starcraft 2 master. I found it to be a pretty good guide, linking to some great video material as well as their own materials. The Star2Pros Guide had a really good advice on how to improve from the bottom leagues to the top leagues, but I probably wouldn’t choose it if I was already a Diamond League player or close to it.

Besides being great for beginner to intermediate players, the Star2Pros Guide is a terrific Starcraft 2 guide for having perfect build orders. The build orders section of the guide are broken up into sections based on your race and the race of your opponent, as well as the type of battle (1v1, 2v2, etc.). The build orders really helped me tremendously, particularly in beating Terran players as a Zerg, which I believe to be the most difficult matchup in the game. I also learned a terrific trick for expanding early in the game and being able to defend the expansion, as well as some really good advice on what NOT to do when fighting certain races.

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Generally, the Star2Pros guide provides:
* Strategies section based on the number of players per team. You are covered if you are playing 1v1, 2v2, etc. for all races.
* Huge section on build orders for all races and depending on whom you are playing against.
* Videos included employing all strategies in the Star2Pros guide, so you can see how it is done.
* The ONLY guide that lets you download their videos so you can watch them in-game.
* Great for all skill levels, especially beginner to intermediate players trying to get to the Diamond League.
* Complete guide on how to counter any units that are attacking you, or that your opponents are building.
* Weekly updates
* Invitation to Starcraft 2 tournaments with big cash prizes
* 60 Day Money back guarantee

Overall this guide has the best build orders and is great for larger multi-player games. The Star2Pros guide has some great advice and tricks that I haven’t seen in any other Starcraft 2 guides. I hope you enjoyed this comprehensive Star2pros guide review.

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