Starcraft 2 Multiplayer Guide

Below are some tips and common mistakes new players make in playing Starcraft 2 Multiplayer mode.

Almost all multiplayer games are winnable if you stay aware of what the other player is doing. You need to make sure to observe all aspects of the game and what is happening – this will give you hints as to what your opponent is doing. If you can figure out his/her strategy by closely observing what is happening, it will increase your chances of winning the battle significantly. Spying on your enemy early can make a big difference in letting you choose in what manner to attack and defend against your enemy. Protoss are the best race for scouting and harassing due to their Probe unit, which offsets the fact that they have the longest unit development time early in the game.

Another crucial aspect of gameplay is to make sure you pull away injured units before they die, to make sure they regenerate. Use of medical and repair units is very important, especially for the Protoss and Terran races. Since the early stages of the Zerg allow for fast unit development, it is ok if some of the weaker Zerg units die.

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Specific multiplayer strategy is best explained broken up by race. Most strategies focus on building two complementary units that attack well together, with specific strategies for what to focus on. In addition, strategies differ depending on which race you are fighting – you must always make sure to keep this in mind when devising a battle strategy. It’s not only important to pick a strategy based on which race you are fighting, but crucial to figure out their attack strategy and then defend against it. Certain units are terrific against other units but can be terrible against the right type of defense.

Typically, if you tend to be better at Macro strategy, then using the Zerg is a great choice. Protoss is great if you like to Micro, and are good about getting injured units away from the battle before they are killed. Terran’s are a mixture of good Micro and Macro skills and are fairly evenly balanced between the two.

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