Terran Build Order

Terran is a well balanced race that has versatile units allowing for a very flexible Terran strategy and Terran build order. While flexibility is crucial, the Terran race has the most complicated way of gathering minerals and gas in Starcraft 2, and you need to be prepared to have resource collection decline when you divert your SCVs from collection to mining gas or constructing buildings. This is why getting the mule early is crucial to a successful Terran build order strategy. The mule is an extra unit that can gather twice as much minerals as an SCV for a period of twenty seconds. Using the mule alleviates the disadvantage the Terran has in gathering resources. For the best Terran Build Order Strategy and everything else you need to win, check out the best Starcraft 2 Guide out there:

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Terran Build Order: Fast Mule

In order to get a mule as quickly as possible, you’ll need to:
1. Get 9 SCVs as soon as possible, then build a Supply Depot.
2. Build another two SCVs and then another Supply Depot and a Barrack in a place that will block your ramp.
3. Ensure an SCV is working your Command Center all the time. Once the Barrack is completed, seal off the ramp by building another Supply Depot. Max out your SCVs at 14 in order to have sufficient minerals to upgrade to Orbital Command as soon as the Barracks is done.
4. Build a refinery, then 2 more SCVs to mine gas.
5. Build a few marines in order to counter enemy attacks.
6. Build another Barracks and also make sure to accumulate 50 Vespene gas to attach a tech lab to your first Barracks.
7. Once your Orbital Command is finished upgrading, call a mule and continue making SCVs.

Broken down with resources it looks like this:
9/10 Supply Depot
10/10 Barracks
15/18 Supply Depot
20/26 Command Center
23/26 Supply Depot
29/34 Three Barracks
35/44 Refinery
37/44 Supply Depot
38/44 Academy
44/52 Supply Depot, continue making Supply Depots with this SCV

Terran Build Order vs. Zerg

Zerg players on land generally will use Zergling rush, a big Zergling attack, or a large Hydralisk attack. If your fighting a Zerg enemy, it’s a good idea to review common Zerg strategies here. Terrans can generally defend against all three of these attacks fairly easily using the same build orders – Build two Barracks, a Supply Depot, and then either more Barracks or an Academy with an upgrade then more Barracks.

Use Firebats to fight against Zerglings and Marines, Firebats and Siege Tanks to combat a Hydralisk and Zergling or Hydralist and Roach attack. After winning a battle, build Bunkers outside the enemy town. While defending, place SCVs near defensive Bunkers so they can repair them as they get damaged by enemy attacks.

While Terrans have great defense, just sitting back and defending will eventually be a losing strategy, particularly if the Zerg enemy begins to overwhelm you with resource gathering, which can be a weak point for Terrans.

Terran Build Order vs. Protoss

To defeat a large number of Zealots, you need to have several Barracks (at least 4) and make use of Bunkers both offensively and defensively. Make sure to send scouts early (check out our Terran scouting guide here)- if you see a Robotics Facility or a Cybernetics Core than your opponent is probably trying to build Reavers. Kill Reavers with Wraiths. If they attempt to return to their Shuttle, kill the Shuttle with Wraiths as well. Place Siege Tanks in Siege Mode near the center of your town and have them fire at the Reavers from a distance (so the Reavers can’t counter attack). If this doesn’t work, send Marines with Stim Packs, making sure the Marines are spread out and can’t be defeated with one shot.

Lockdown can be especially effective against all Protoss units except Archons and Zealots. Lockdown is great against a large group of Carriers.

A great offensive strategy is to continue alternating between Supply Depots and Barracks while building SCVs. Make sure to build your base in a tight, enclosed formation. Keep building Marines, Barracks, and SCVs. With this strategy, there is no need to mine gas until later. Build a Bunker to cover your buildings (the reason they should be built tightly packed), and fill up your bunker with 4 Marines.

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