Terran Guide

The Terran Guide below will show you some of the basics of Terran strategy, as well as point you in the direction of additional strategies and information for the Terran race.

Overall, the Terran’s are the easiest race to get familiar with in Starcraft 2. This is because most players have gotten familiar with them through the Starcraft 2 Single Player Campaign, but also because Terran’s are the most adaptable race. This Terran Guide and the additional materials on this site will teach you how to take advantage of this flexibility and to elevate your gameplay as a Terran.

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Terran Guide – What to Expect

This Terran Guide will go through some basic strategies and thought processes you should consider as a Terran. When you’re ready, make sure to check out additional material on this website for more specific information:

  • The Terran Strategy Guide will give you some basic Terran Strategies that have been proven to be effective at all levels of game play and are easy to master as well as some excellent rush attack strategies.
  • Terran Build Order Manual will show you some basic early game Terran builds that have been optimized for time and resources and are currently considered the most effective on the web.
  • The Terran Scouting Guide not only shows Terran Scouting Strategies, but also will show you how to defend against and avoid enemy scouts.
  • Terran Micro and Terran Macro Strategies will show you some basic and advanced concepts for micro and macro gameplay. This Terran guide is for slightly more advanced players, but should be read and understood if you want to climb up the battle.net rankings.

Terran Guide – Basics

Make sure to bring the battle to your enemy – don’t wait for it to come to you. A lot of beginner Terran players will wall-in and try to build a huge army and then massacre their opponent. This strategy almost always fails against an advanced player.

Turtling slows you down because you end up focusing so much on defense that your attack force suffers or is neglected. Eventually, you’ll be stuck in your base as your opponent captures every resource on the map and eventually comes at you with tremendous resources and an economy that doesn’t stop.

Turtling can work if you quickly build up your attack force and you make sure no one gets past your defenses. But if they do, you’re in trouble, and if you’re not quick enough, you’re in trouble – so generally this is a trap you should avoid falling into as a Terran.

Expand early, but not so early that you can’t defend your expansion. Make sure you at least have an attack force before attempting to expand. Understand that this will bring you more minerals and gas, and also forces your opponent to destroy more buildings, therefore taking more time, before they win or lose.

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Terran Guide – Attacks

When launching a large scale attack, make sure to diversify. Now this doesn’t apply when launching a rush attack (click here for great early game Terran Strategy) – in that case speed is your friend and you may not have the resources or time to develop several different units, so you should probably just focus on two types that complement each other.

During a large attack, it’s way more effective to send multiple kinds of units for several reasons:

  • It forces the enemy to split up their forces
  • It forces the enemy to produce various units to destroy all of your units
  • It restrics the enemy’s targets, since some units can’t hurt some targets (for example, units that can only attack land targets when you are assaulting by air and land)

When attacking, always attack with at least two kinds of units, unless you are doing a Banshee Rush or other rush attack. Two units usually complement each other and are much more difficult for the enemy to defeat.

To destroy an enemy force, remember that instead of just trying to overwhelm it with numbers or force, you can outsmart your enemy by picking the right unit. For example, if your enemy launches a large scale zergling attack, remember that ‘lings can’t attack air units so use an air attack like some Wraiths to outsmart your opponent.

When attacking, think about splitting your forces and attacking from both sides. This forces the enemy to divide their attack. You can take this to the next level, and instead of just attacking from either side, drop ship some units behind enemy lines as well as attack from the front. This is extremely effective.

Terran Guide – Additional Techniques

Throughout the game you always should be scouting your opponent. There is almost no way to be victorious without scouting and harassing your opponent. Check out the Terran Scouting Guide for excellent techniques.

Make sure to always keep some SCVs on hand. While SCVs aren’t very good when attacking, they can heal your other units as well as build bunkers and turrets.

Make sure to also always keep some Marines on hand. A good number to shoot for is at least 6-8 at any given time. It’s especially important to bring them when trying a tank attack. Marines are great because they can hit all targets with a decent amount of damage, they can increase their own attack speed, can be healed while moving, and cost no gas to produce.

Keep in mind that all unit producing Terran structures can fly away. Take advantage of this Terran mobility – it gives you flexibility that the other races can only dream about.

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