Terran Macro Strategy

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Terran macro strategy generally refers to building or upgrading your base, producing units, and growing your economy. All of these items require significant resource management as well as balancing the production of units vs. that of expanding your structures.

Every battle in Starcraft 2 is hugely impacted by your Terran macro strategy. It can either help make you a great player, or if you’re not careful, can turn the tide on your early lead and eventually lead to your defeat. For example, if you rush attack your enemy and are off to a great start, but aren’t focused on macro and continuing to build your structures and economy, he will just come back and overwhelm you in a few rounds. Below are great ideas and advice for a winning Terran Macro Strategy. If you really want to destroy your enemy and move up the league rankings as quickly as possible, definitely take a look at the best guide on the market:

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Terran Macro Strategy – Maximize Resource Gathering

Since Terran typically have a disadvantage early in the game with resource gathering, there are a few things you can do to minimize this disadvantage. Build your Command Center as close as possible to gas and mineral fields. Then build a lot of SCVs early and get to the point where you can cast a Mule as early as possible. Once you can cast a Mule, cast it and have your Mule(s) collect minerals from the mineral patch closest to the Command Center to maximize the number of trips they can make, and therefore the amount of minerals they can gather, in their 90 second existance.

Terran Macro Strategy – Expand to Second Command Center Quickly

Many beginners love to wall-in and really build up a big army before venturing out of their base, particularly because the Terran’s have excellent defenses. While this can be appealing, it is a losing strategy that will eventually result in your enemy’s economy surpassing yours significantly and then overwhelming yours with troops despite your defenses. Since Starcraft 2 really is a game of resources, it makes sense to expand early in order to make your economy as strong and productive as possible – this will lead to more units, more buildings, and overall you’ll be a much tougher opponent to beat.

Terran Macro Strategy – Hotkeys

You must learn to use hotkeys effectively in order to have a winning Starcraft 2 Micro and Macro Strategy. It’s crucial to not only program hotkeys, but to get familiar enough using them that they become second nature. Some essential hotkeys are Unit abilities (R – Snipe), Building (C – Command Center), Unit training (C – Medic), Upgrades (Z – Tech lab), etc.

You should also program your unit producing buildings as a specific hotkey, and then you can tab through each building in order to make whatever units you need in the heat of battle. You can also separate unit producing buildings into separate hotkeys (for example, binding all of your Barracks together) and then just memorize which building is for which hotkey, to speed up production slightly. Check out Terran Build Orders for great build strategies against different races.

Terran Macro Strategy – Don’t Waste Resources or Use Them Too Early

When building units, it’s tempting to line up a lot of units to be built and then just forget about them while they are being built, but this is a losing strategy. Starcraft 2 collects the minerals and gas as soon as you put a unit in the que, but you don’t get the benefit of these resources until after the unit is built. You’re much better off using the resources to build another Factory and then you’ll be able to double up on building units.

This logic follows through with other spending of resources as well. For example, don’t get a stim pack upgrade and then not use it – it’s wiser to invest those resources in something else, like a tech building or additional units, and then get the stim pack upgrade later when you actually need it. Basically, resources are valuable, so don’t waste them by not benefiting from their immediate use.

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