Terran Micro Strategy

The Terran Micro and Macro guide have been split into two posts. You are viewing the Terran Micro guide. For the Terran Macro Guide, click HERE.

Terran micro strategy refers to actually monitering your troops in battle and choosing specific actions that will maximize damage while protecting and healing your troops as efficiently as possible. The basic idea is to try to keep as many of your troops alive by individually controlling each one. The trick is to do this while still managing your macro – your economy, troop production, and expanding your base. Take a look at Terran Macro Strategy for smart tips on macro play. If you really want to destroy your enemy and move up the league rankings as quickly as possible, definitely take a look at the best guide on the market:

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Terran Micro Strategy – Scouting

Easily the most important skill you can master for effective micro play is scouting. Scouting enables you to find out what your opponent is producing and counter it – effectively letting you anticipate his battle strategy. Please check out the Terran Scouting guide for detailed scouting strategies.

Terran Micro Strategy – Control Groups

A great Terran micro strategy is to make sure your control groups are set up properly. I like to set up the entire army as one control group (only to easily move them, never to attack all at once and leave you defenseless!), and then specific groups, such as ground and air teams, as additional separate control groups. It can also be good to combine units that work well together as a single control group, such as combining Marines and Marauders into a single group. It’s important to separate ground and air troups, and to make sure to create a group for your Ghosts as well, particularly if you are fighting against a Protoss opponent, so you can have a powerful attack against their shields.

Terran Micro Strategy – Focus Fire

Focus fire is the technique of having a group of your units focus their firepower on a single enemy unit. Right click on a target to tell your group to attack it. This is most often used with ranged units, since focusing your firepower on a single enemy unit instead of spreading it out will generally cause the group of enemy units to die faster, but not always.

It’s important to know when to use focus fire on enemy units, but only at the right time. Generally, focus fire is less effective than just letting the game AI do it’s job, particularly in larger scale battles, but it can be useful in specific circumstances. If your opponent is retreating, make sure to use focus fire to pick off injured units so you can kill them before they have a chance to retreat and be repaired. You should also use focus fire against units that can cause a lot of damage. For example, against Void Rays before they have a chance to fully charge, or against Siege Tanks, Ghosts, and other units that can do a lot of Damage Per Second (DPS).

It’s just as important to know when NOT to use focus fire. The biggest reason why you should be careful not to use it is because most of the time if you target one enemy unit with multiple troops you will over-kill the unit and waste a lot of your firepower. Another time you should definitely not use it is if some of the units you’ve selected are out of range of the target units. If you use it here, this will result in a lot of wasted firepower, as your troops move around uselessly instead of attacking the enemy troops that are within range.

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