Terran Strategy

A winning Terran strategy has an equal mix between good Terran micro and macro play. The Terrans are the human race in Starcraft 2, and also the most defensive race in the game. Although the Terran race is the focus of the Single Player game in Starcraft 2, many of the more powerful units featured in the single player mode are not available in multiplayer mode in order to keep the gameplay fair. This may change as additional expansion packs for the Zerg and Protoss races are released.

Throughout the years, they have built up the best defensive ability in the game. One of their most useful abilities is the ability to pick up and move the Command Centers to safer areas as combat progresses, with all the units it can carry inside. Granted this would be a more useful tool if the maps were bigger, but can still be extraordinarily useful if the strategy is used correctly.

Terrans have done extremely well in multiplayer mode. Because of the race’s flexibility and adaptability, there are a number of different Terran strategies and options for winning games and countering any attacks their opponents threaten them with.

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General Terran Strategies

Most beginner Terrans have a tendancy to turtle, thinking that if they have siege tanks, bunkers, and supply depots surrounding your command center and covering your entrance it makes you invulnerable to attack. Actively using Terran scouting and harrassing techniques while building up your base, technology, and economy is crucial to a winning strategy.

Make sure to utilize fast units like reapers and hellions to extend your reach as much as possible, otherwise eventually your command center will be overwhelmed no matter how strong your defense is.

Also, don’t underestimate your SCV units – they are not only defensive units, but should be sent on attack as well. SCV units can repair other machines while in combat and can even build bunkers and turrets. Make sure to always have a few as backup for offensive moves – they can be the difference between winning and losing.

Specific Terran Strategies

Terran Strategy – Marines & Hellions

A strategy that works if executed quickly at the start of the game is to build Marines and Hellions together. While these units are not very strong if you allow the enemy to advance their technology, a quick start with them will enable you to destroy most early enemy units and then focus on their superior range and unit control.

Terran Strategy – Marines, Marauders, and Medivacs

Focusing on Marines and Marauders is another great strategy with two completementary units. You should rush to build Marines early in the game, making sure to repair all units when they are damaged – especially expensive ones that are hard to replace. Use smart Terran micro strategies, like making sure to pull units that are close to dying in order to give them a chance to be repaired instead of having to rebuild them. Quickly building Marines is especially effective against most Zerg strategies. Marauders are slow, tough units that are hard to kill, and can slow attacking units. Marines are really strong when their are a lot of them attacking, but can be very easy to kill (especially from behind). The combination of Marines and Mauraders can be extremely challenging to defeat, especially when adding some Medivac units as the battle progresses.

Terran Strategy – Banshee Rush:

Banshee Rush is a popular Terran strategy, where the Terran player quickly builds some Banshees and starts killing weaker enemy units. You must start this strategy by quickly building a refinery and then focusing on all the tech necessary to produce Banshee units. The key to this strategy is making sure you are not scouted – if the enemy knows this is coming, it will severely weaken this strategy and almost guarantee defeat. However, if you are able to keep the strategy hidden, perhaps by creating a decoy strategy, then you should have a very easy time, particularly against an unprepared Zerg player.

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