Zerg Build Order

Your Zerg build order strategy is crucial to winning the game, and minor changes in your Zerg build order strategy can have a major impact on the success or failure of your battle. I’ve outlined a general guideline as well as two different specific strategies below that you should experiment with – both can be effective against different races, depending on the map and your opponent’s strategy. A great idea with Zerg strategy is to continually make sure to use Zerg scouting as you continue to build your buildings and units.

The Zerg have to spawn workers and fighters from the same resource, which makes it incredibly important to pay attention to Zerg macro – carefully plan the use of your production capacities. The number of Hatcheries you have and the Larvae that come from them become the most important factor for your build orders.

While Protoss or Terran players will generally produces worker and combat units simultaneously at the start of the game, while Zerg players are able to focus entirely on one or the other.

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Zerg Build Order – Safely to Mid-Game

The set of build orders below can be used against virtually any opponent of any race, and will get you mid game in good position.

Generally, you want to start with 9 Overlord. 9 Overlord is much better for economic development than 10 Overlord or extractor tricks.

Send scouting drone at 12

13 Spawning pools is significantly faster (around 5 seconds) than 14 Spawning pools, which makes a big difference against 6 pools or proxy gates. It also means you are 5 seconds faster on zergling speed or a baneling nest.

14 Overlord
Save larvae

6 Zerglings. Its important to get these out early to protect yourself against smaller attacks the enemy may throw at you, and you can also win early if they can get into the opponent base or gets his first zealot surrounded.

Drones – take them off of gas after 100
Hatchery and Overlord around 20 – 22 food
Put drones back on gas after first injection larvae pops

You also generally want to have two bases because you can’t produce enough larvae with a single hatchery (except for certain maps against a Terran opponent). This will do wonders for your economy because there is greater efficiency in mining time for each worker.

Zerg Build Order – Fast Drones

Another Zerg build order I’ve had success with is to focus on getting 10 Drones as quickly as possible. Once you get the Drones, build an Overlord, and then 3 more Drones out, and wait until you max out at 200 minerals. Once you have the 200 minerals, make a Spawning Pool.

While the Spawning Pool is being made, get an Extractor up and put 3 Drones on it, the continue to spawn additional Drones until the Extractor is finished. As soon as it’s completed, get a Queen out immediately, and then some Zerglings and more Drones. Upgrade your Spawning Pool with the speed buff after you have 100 gas.

Finally, make a Baneling nest and get some Banelings for defense. Banelings are great at protecting your base and fighting off attackers.

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