Awesome Zerg Expansion Strategy

The secret with early game Zerg expansion is to realize that the Zerg outperform Terran and Protoss in resource gathering and producing units and buildings. They can’t keep up with the superior technology of the Protoss race or the exceptional defense of the Terrans, but if you can get off to an early start with a fast Zerg expansion, you will dominate through the rest of the game.

This post is a primer on Zerg expansion strategies using their primary strengths. You’ll need the early minerals to build a new hatchery, which will allow you to rapidly grow.

The downside of using this Zerg expansion strategy is that you’ll delay upgrading to a Lair and will therefore be exposed to an air attack. This can put you in serious risk of a rush attack and even a possible loss really early in the game unless you take appropriate action early.

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In order to make sure your opponent doesn’t use an early air attack, you’ll need a decoy – early Zergling attacks. This will ensure that your opponent doesn’t tech up and will concentrate on defense instead of attacking our base. Make sure to keep at him on the defensive with your Zerglings while you continue to gather resources and build the second base. Once the second base is complete, immediately upgrade your first base to a Lair so you can start defending yourself against air attacks.

You’ll successfully complete your early Zerg expansion when you upgrade your lair – at that point you’ll have two bases and your enemy will only have one.

As soon as you have the Lair built, start generating Hydralisks so you can defend against air attacks. Now you’ll be in an excellent position. Your Hydralisks will protect your bases, and you’ll have two bases while your opponent will only have one, and therefore will have twice the production and resource gathering capabilities as your opponent, putting you in a dominent position throughout the rest of the game.

Now you can begin to dominate in resource gathering and therefore production of additional units and buildings. Focus your Zerg expansion on resource gathering, not on attacking your opponent. Try to keep him from expanding while you focus on continuing to gather resources. Eventually he’ll be forced to attack you. At this point you should have no problem fending off his attack and effectively ending the game.

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