Zerg Guide

The Zerg Guide below will show you some of the basics of Zerg Strategy, as well as some advanced Zerg techniques. Also take a look at the Zerg Expansion Strategy for a great early game strategy.

Overall, the Zerg race is completely different than the Terran and Protoss races. They are composed of many different species that have eventually been infested and integrated into the Swarm.

Zerg Guide – Basics

Since the Zerg race evolves based on their needs, they have no mechanical units, only biological units. All units are grown from a Hatchery/Hive. Since all their buildings are living creatures, they can only be placed on the Creep, which provides nourishment for them. While this can be limiting at times (if you don’t expand your Creep), it’s also beneficial in that all the buildings regenerate over time since they are all living creatures (as do all their units that are on Creep). For the best advice on the Zerg all in one place, definitely take a look at this guide below:

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Another ability all Zerg units have (except the Ultralisk) is the ability to burrow (once researched). Burrowed units can heal if they are damaged, which means they’ll be ready to attack again soon. This can be extremely helpful when attacking enemy troops.

The Zerg grow Overlords to control the troops. Overlords are incredibly versatile – they are able to fly, are detectors, and also make good scouting units that you can use as soon as the battle starts. With some research, they can even carry some of your other units. Overall your Overlord is your supply unit, scout, and can create creep.

Overall, Zerg units are inexpensive and plentiful, so the general strategy is to make a lot of them and overwhelm your opponent. For this reason, your Zerg macro gameplay is especially important. Make sure to review the Zerg macro guide and Zerg micro guide before going into battle.

For more information on Zerg build orders take a look at the Zerg Build Order guide.

Zerg Guide – Tips

  • Make sure to scout with your with your Overlord, but be careful. If you spot a Terran base it may be best to run away. If you discover a Zerg, wait until you see a Hydra Den building before taking off. For Protoss, wait until you see a Cybernetics Core or Forge. A great scouting tip is to make sure you try and approach these buildings from an angle other than where your base is, especially for larger maps. This way you won’t telegraph your Hatchery’s position by coming from the exact direction your Hive is. Check out the Zerg Scouting Guide for additional scouting tips.
  • Make sure to produce some Overlords before you run out of control points. A good rule of thumb is to start producing them when you have no less than 2 control points for each Hatchery you have, but this is just a guideline. Remember that Hatcheries can build three units at a time.
  • Hotkey each Hatchery as a different number, so you can quickly produce units. For the Zerg especially, it is critical to be able to quickly produce units without leavinig the battle.
  • Make sure your Overlords are spread out around the map, so they can detect cloaked enemy troops. They will also give you advanced warning as well as delay any incoming attacks.
  • Make a Spawning Pool your first building. Check out the Zerg Build Order for the timing of exactly when and why. Make sure to make a second Hatchery early on in the game.
  • While Burrowing costs 100 minerals and 100 gas to research, it is one of the best and most useful upgrades you can acquire.
  • Midgame on make sure to take Overlords on any major attacks so they can use their cloak detection. Make sure to upgrade their speed first so they can keep up with your other troops. Once you get the speed upgrade, Overlords become very effective transports as well.

Hopefully this Zerg Guide was helpful in giving you some overall strategies and tips when playing as a Zerg.

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