Zerg Micro Strategy

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Zerg micro skills focus on the actually control of individual units during an attack. Since the Zerg tend to overwhelm their opponents with numbers, and don’t have too many truly powerful units, Zerg macro tends to be more important to master, especially for a player just starting out. Many micro techniques that work for the other races are unnecessary for the Zerg – for example, the other races, especially Protoss, should use micro to pull back injured units so they have a chance to heal. Since the Zerg don’t have too many units with high hp and most units are cheap to reproduce, this strategy is usually an unnecessary and ineffective distraction. However, there are some really useful Zerg micro strategies – but they should only be implemented once you are very comfortable with your macro skills. For the best guide I’ve read and seen on Zerg micro and everything else related to Starcraft 2, take a look at this…

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Zerg Micro Strategy – Zerg Basic Micro Skills

As a Zerg player, it’s especially important to keep abreast of what your enemy is doing and never get surprised by them. Make sure to check out the Zerg scouting guide for strategies on how to scout against Terran and Protoss enemies, as well as how to defend against them.

Make sure to go after enemy units in smaller groups and overwhelm them with numbers. Since Zerg units are so specialized, make sure to match up battles so you will win every time.

Zerg Micro Strategy – Burrowed Roaches

This is a more advanced Zerg micro strategy that assumes you have the burrow ability and also assumes the enemy has few detectors. Burrowing costs 100 gas and 100 minerals to research, but is easily one of the most useful upgrades you can acquire. Since you can quickly accumulate Roaches early in the game, it will be very difficult for your opponent to continually detect your Roaches.

Use your Roaches to quickly kill enemy units one by one. When your enemy counter attacks, burrow your Roaches then pop back up to kill another enemy unit. Since Roaches regenerate health so quickly (around 10 health per second while burrowed), you’ll be able to heal while burrowed and then be at full health when you go in for your next attack. When employed effectively, this strategy can drive the enemy crazy and get some amazing results.

Zerg Micro Strategy – Decoy with Mutalisks

As you produce Mutalisks, keep them constantly moving in order to confuse your opponent. If he doesn’t know how you have, he’ll be very careful before attacking you, which will buy you some time. It also will enable you to appear much stronger if you don’t have a lot of Mutalisks, which again buys you time. Since the key to mastering Zerg is to get to the late game with a thriving economy and enormous unit and resource production, using this strategy early on in an effective manner can allow you to get to the end game where you’ll dominate.

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